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Salon Library is a new digital offering to compliment Gold Key Media Subscriptions. The online platform holds current and topical reading material for users, and can be easily accessed via numerous devices in a business setting.

Featuring high-res newspapers and magazines, complete with double-page spreads, the platform allows users to feel as if they are reading a print product, but with the ease of connecting to it via their phone or tablet.

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Salon Library can be accessed via all smartphones
(both IOS and Android), tablets and PCs

anything you can access a website through.

How It Works

Step 1
The website has a Salon Library home page – Simply login to access
Step 2
Easy to use, Instructions appear on user’s first view
Step 3
Publications appear as they look in print, with high definition images and impressive double page spreads
Step 4
Zoom Functions – Pinch the screen to zoom in and out of the publication

Please email [email protected] or call us on 0207 491 4065 to book your Salon Library package today!

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